SkyCash account
for Companies

is more than just mobile payments - it's a series of conveniences In the settlement of payments for parking, e-TOLL highways, Videotoll highways and public transport tickets.

Compose your package and choose the coverage that fits your business

    8.50 PLN net*

    e-TOLL Highways
    4.00 PLN net**

    Wideottoling Highways
    as part of the mobiParking service***

    Public transportation
    3.00 PLN net****

    no fee

    Total: 0.00 zł monthly


    We are the leader in mobile payments in Poland. Already more than 10 thousand companies across Poland thanks to us have control over expenses, optimize costs and use a convenient system of documenting monthly transactions. And all of this is available immediately on your smartphone.

    Services offered by SkyCash


    Parking payments mobiParking - The mobiParking service allows parking in more than 100 paid parking zones in public and private areas.


    The Highways service allows you to travel In sections:
    E-Toll (A2 Konin – Stryków, A4 Wrocław – Sośnica)
    Videottoling (A1 Rusocin – Nowa Wieś, A4 Katowice – Kraków)

    Public transportation

    Payment for public transport tickets - The public transport ticketing service allows you to travel In more than 100 cities in Poland.


    Cab payments - Taxi service provides rides throughout the country.

    How to activate the service for companies?

    Register with the mFlot panel company

    Just click the button below and you will be transferred to registration panel

    Fund your account

    you will do it conveniently in the panel using from the most convenient form for you

    Add vehicles, users, services

    Then you can select the services you are interested in, add users and specify the number of vehicles

    Download the app

    download and install the app so you can had control over everything

    Do you have any more questions?

    you can also use the assistant by clicking on the button below

    Why should you work with us?

    Operation via app or even SMS

    Continuity of service availability during SPP operating hours

    Continuous availability of Taxi services, Highways, Public transportation

    Provision of marketing materials in the form of stickers

    Online access to SkyCash data

    Analyze expenses and provide reports

    Service operating on a pre-paid basis

    Documents issued once a month for each service


    Click on the form button at the top of the page, then select the options you are interested in and submit it to us. Our consultant will contact you to arrange the details of the offer. The rates listed are for each month.


    8,50 PLN

    Videottoling Highways

    4,00 PLN

    Public transportation

    As part of the mobiParking subscription***.


    No fee

    * For each vehicle added to the company account.
    ** The fee is charged for a user who has at least once purchased a highway ticket with company funds.
    *** Any addition of a vehicle in the Highway service is equivalent to adding a car to mobiParking.
    **** For each user added to a company account.

    We operate throughout Poland

    SkyCash business services are available in many cities including Warsaw.

    We are already at locations.
    And this is just the beginning

    Check location availability